Safety first

In the coming months, the studio space will become the friendliest work environment - because it is fully manageable while remaining a place that is flexible and full of possibilities.

We will of course continue to comply with current and future national directives and restrictions related to Covid-19. At the same time, we are introducing additional solutions related to work safety on the set.

• we are minimizing the size of the team that is required at the studio
• overalls, protective masks and disinfectants will be used as necessary
• the studio space is we disinfected on a regular basis
• only people examined by a qualified doctor before entering the studio, will be permitted on set
• restricted movement zones for individuals on set have been introduced
• shoots will be organised in such a way as to increase the physical distance between people
• each member our team has a "double", who can be called upon as necessary
• safe catering is provided